Frequently Asked Questions | Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats for Kitchens or Offices

Common questions about one of the best standing anti-fatigue mats on the market!

Is this kitchen standing mat soft enough to just have socks on while on it in the kitchen?

Yes! Our best-selling kitchen standing mat is very soft. There’s no need for shoes or socks with this mat. 

How do you clean the Standing Mats?

The Sky Mat Standing Mats can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals while cleaning. 

Are the Sky Mat Standing Mats safe for Hardwood floors? Do they stick to the floor?

The Sky Mat Standing Mats do not stick to the floor when used as a kitchen standing mat or in your office as a standing desk mat. Hardwood floors naturally oxidize with age, minimal oxidation should occur where the mat limits exposure.

Does this Sky Mat Standing Mat slide or slip on surfaces?

No, as one of the best standing desk mats and kitchen mats available the Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Mats stay in place so you can work in comfort.

How thick is the Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Our standing mats are 3/4" thick. This is the optimal height to provides comfort while minimizing risk as a tripping hazard. 

Will I have problems rolling a chair over this mat? I work at a desk that can go from a sitting to a standing desk at the touch of a button.

Yes. This mat is not made for chairs or rolling or anything to do with sitting. Because the standing desk mat is very thick and soft you won’t be able to easily roll your chair while using it.

What are the Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats made out of?

Our mat is made from an eco-friendly polyurethane foam mixture, covered with a faux leather exterior, and includes an anti-slip backing. This means you won't be inhaling any chemical fumes or introducing harmful substances to the pets or little ones you live with.

Is this latex-free? We have a family member with a latex allergy.

Yes, the Oasis Standing Mat is latex free.

We have a corner sink in our kitchen that will only fit a 28" wide kitchen mat. Can these kitchen standing mats be cut to size?

No, we don’t recommend cutting the standing mat. Cutting the mat will ruin it and void the warranty.

What’s the warranty on the standing mats?

We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for our products.

Do Anti-Fatigue mats really work?

Yes! Anti-Fatigue mats help reduce knee and muscle stress by 32%. Micro-movements help relieve pressure on your spine thereby reducing lower back pain. 

Are the standing mats waterproof?

Yes, our standing kitchen mats are waterproof and stain-resistant. They work best in homes or offices but have a wide variety of space applications. 

Do anti-fatigue mats work on carpet?

Yes! Anti-Fatigue mats are great for any surface. Our best standing mats are popular in homes, offices, garages, and more!

Does OSHA require anti-fatigue mats?

OSHA does not require anti-fatigue mats in commercial spaces however they do reference them in their guidelines for employers in the retail trade and restaurant industries.

What is an anti-fatigue mat?

Anti-fatigue mats are specially designed to reduce pain, discomfort, and strain caused by standing for a long period of time on a hard or unsupportive surface.