Work Shouldn’t be Fun

Personalize Your Workstation
A wall filing system is useful but it really isn’t that fun. Post it notes? Not so much. Unless they are Fruit Notes!

There are many great accessories and wonderful gadgets that help you to personalize your workstation.

If you’re the creative type and customizing your workspace is paramount to your self-expression, then you might want to check out’s 20 Cool Desk Accessories. We definitely like pick #8!

If it’s something fun that you’re looking for, maybe a gag gift for a coworker, BuzzFeed has a great roundup of 33 Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Day Better.

For the Grown-Ups
Now to the cloud. The Internet has changed a great deal about our lives. Over the past couple of years there have been an avalanche of cloud based tools to organize, optimize and improve our every moment. Do you need to keep track of your time? Share files? Collaborate with your team? Whatever you need there is probably someone else that has already created the solution. Here are two blog posts that have curated some of the top tools:

Some of our favorites are:
Trello: a relatively simple and handy way to stay organized.
Google Alerts: great for keeping tabs on anything - just type in your interest.
#Slack: a fantastic communication tool for small teams.