10 Best Accessories To Upgrade Your Desk

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Sometimes sitting at your desk five days a week, fifty weeks of the year can get a little monotonous. It may be the desk in your office cubicle or a corner of your one-bedroom apartment, but just because you sit there day in and day out doesn’t mean you can’t shake it up a little. Adding some of these desk accessories can add some pizzazz to your routine in no time.

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  1. The Top 10 Desk Accessories
  2. Common Questions, Answered
  3. Closing Thoughts

The Top 10 Desk Accessories

Woman pushing on the foam of a anti-fatigue mat

1. The Oasis Anti-Fatigue Mat by Sky Mat

The Oasis Anti-Fatigue Mat by Sky Mat is a soft-foam core mat that is a great addition to your standing desk if you’re tired of your feet getting tired. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this foam mat is great for someone who has knee and muscle pain from standing all day at the office. The Oasis is crafted of leather grain for a luxurious look that will go professionally with your office space. Choose from a variety of sizes like 20” x 32”, 20” x 39”, and 24” x 70” and colors like black, brown, gray, red, and navy. Customers love that it’s easy to clean as well. 

Man standing on an anti-fatigue mat

2. The Genius Mat by Sky Mat

Step it up a notch with the Genius Mat by Sky Mat. The Genius Mat is another ergonomic anti-fatigue mat with super soft, but supportive foam. However, this mat goes above and beyond, and features built-in massaging points to help trigger pressure points as you work – including a rolling ball and support ramps. It may come in one size and color, but it’s great for anyone who likes to stand and work but hates the cramps in their feet.

3. Caster Wheels by Office Owl

Do you love your rolly chair but hate how it never actually seems to, well, roll? Wheels that have collected years of dust, pet hair, carpet strings, and more can quickly turn your rolling chair into a stationary one. When this starts to happen, it’s time to change those out for some new ones. Fortunately these caster wheels by Office Owl just might be the wheels you are looking for. With their specific design, they won’t pick up hair and other debris. Say goodbye to skidding and hello to easy rolling.

4. Executive Lined Journal Notebooks by Papercode

While it is great to type down everything from work, sometimes it can be a good exercise to write them down by hand. This Executive Lined Journal Notebook combo by Papercode is both luxurious and lightweight thanks to its leatherette cover and portable size. Sharpen your productivity with a notebook featuring 130 pages of college-ruled writing space. Customers love its soft cover and reasonable price. It’s time to get your pen ready.

5. Coccyx Seat Cushion by Xtreme Comforts

Tired of your tailbone always being in pain thanks to sitting? Invest in this coccyx seat cushion by Xtreme Comforts for all day support and pressure relief. This cushion has a coccyx cut out so it takes pain off of your tailbone while having memory foam to support your back and spine. The deluxe version also features a handle and bag so if you have to fly to a business meeting, you can take and use this cushion while on-the-go. 

6. Memory Foam Back Support Cushion by Xtreme Comforts

Your back doesn’t have to always hurt. Grab this back support cushion by Xtreme Comforts to help your spinal alignment. It easily slips and clips around your seat’s back so you don’t have to worry about it slipping. It also has a rounded design and is made from memory foam for max comfort. Pair this with the coccyx seat cushion and you will be comfortable throughout the entire work day.

7. Standing Desk Converter by TechOrbits

If you want to stand, but don’t already have a standing desk, then you may be interested in a desk converter. This one by TechOrbits is simple in design. Just set up on top of your existing desk or workspace and open it to your preferred height. The TechOrbits standing desk converter comes in 32” or 37” wide options for laptops and desktops of any size. You can also match your office decor with color choices like black, white, and wood brown. You'll love the easy convertibility during the work day.

8. Triple Monitor Stand by TechOrbits

If you are someone with multiple standing monitors, it might get frustrating to have to find the perfect angle to work with. Not anymore! This monitor stand by TechOrbits allows you to set up three monitors together. This stand holds most 13” to 30” screens and can be swiveled around in multiple directions; it can also be adjusted to your preferred height. The Triple Monitor Stand is a great solution for dedicated workers and gamers alike. 

9. Table-Mate II with Cup Holder by Table-Mate

Have you ever just gotten tired of working at your desk? You’re tired sitting, tired standing up. You just want to move around and work elsewhere. Fortunately this table by Table-Mate will allow you to work anywhere else within your space. It is sturdy and adjustable and features two cup holders. So go sit on the couch, chair, or even your bed. You will have a desk space to work with. 

A coffee brewer

10. Cold Brew Maker by Coffee Gator

With a long day ahead of you, it’s best to get some kind of caffeine in your system. This cold brew maker by Coffee Gator can easily be filled the night before and after a night's rest of eight hours you will have cold brew ready for your workday. The Coffee Gator cold brew maker brews a liter of coffee so no need to go brew more every hour or so. It comes with a scoop and funnel so you can make your coffee without much of a mess.  

Common Questions

What are good desk accessories?

Good desk accessories are anything that will help you perform better. It’s best to look at your current desk and see what your problem areas are before addressing them. If your back or buttocks hurt from sitting all day, invest in a cushion or standing desk options. If you are tired of staring at your screen all day, get a journal. Find what’s best for you and your work. 

What should I look for in a desk mat?

Desk mats are the most helpful when they are crafted with comfortable foam. It is an added bonus that they are made out of water resistant material just in case you spill anything or are wearing shoes while standing. Find a desk mat that fits your needs for size, softness, structure, and even color. 

Are desk mats worth it?

Desk mats can be worth it if your feet, back, legs, knees, calves, or even spine are hurting. It adds a layer of foam for comfort so your body doesn’t take a beating from trying to stand and do your work.

Man standing at his desk working

Closing Thoughts

Your desk doesn’t have to be a tiresome place. It can work to help you work better. By adding a couple of comfortable and adjustable pieces to your office desk space, you’ll be ready to tackle anything your work may throw at you. You deserve a focus-ready workspace.

Contributing Writer: Marena Galluccio