Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Experiencing stress on your knees, muscles and joints from being on your feet for extended periods of time? Try our Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat and see an immediate improvement in comfort, balance and posture. They're stylish, easy to clean and are most likely made of marshmallows, sunshine and cotton candy clouds.

Anti Fatigue Floor Mat being used at standing desk in office.

Heavenly comfort all day long

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"I get foot pain very easily when standing, and have trouble standing to cook or wash dishes for more than about 20-30 minutes... This mat is LIFE-CHANGING. Our dishwasher got busted right after we'd made two meals this week, and I was able to wash all of the dishes (took me an hour and a half) with no problem! Incredible! I've had zero problems with preparing meals or cooking while standing on these mats. The mats are super soft, and the surface is incredibly easy to clean. It's also easy to sweep the mats when sweeping the kitchen because of the beveled edge. I haven't had a problem with the edges coming up or tripping on the mats, either."

K. James

"Buy this now - your feet will thank you! This mat is absolutely a must have! We have really hard tile and my poor wife, who is an amazing cook, was constantly complaining of her feet hurting after standing and cooking for hours(we often entertain and cook large meals). I read the reviews and purchased one mat. I kid you not, within 5 minutes of trying it out, I immediately bought a second for the sink side of the counter. The mat appears very sturdy and thick. We’ve purchased mats before from home depot and these mats by far exceed them in comfort and sturdiness. "

Tim. E

"The mat is divine. It's like standing on a mattress. There was ZERO odor when unwrapped, and I am very sensitive to odors. It was shipped rolled up, yet instantly rolled out flat on the floor. I bought the black, 2 x 6, for my galley kitchen. I have a terra cotta tile floor, but the black was the perfect choice given that all of my appliances are black. The mat covers my primary counter space and the sink; however, although it's very secure and unslippable, if I need stand at the stove to stir a risotto for 20 minutes or a roux for 40 minutes, I can just push the mat to the stove side with my foot. I cook a lot, I bake a lot, I spill a lot, but I'm amazed that the mat picks up so little--and anything it does I can just wipe off with a paper towel. I really love this mat. I wish I had bought one years ago!"

Mary C.

This mat is perfect for my standing desk. I can stand for hours without experiencing any ache in my feet or legs. I've found its really easy to clean as well, and also works great in the kitchen. It's perfectly sized as well.


"This mat brought a welcome relief from the hard kitchen tile floors. It is long enough to be able to span the greater length of the counter facilitating ease of movement necessary and firm enough to be able to withhold shape if standing in one fixed spot for some time. Its surface material and pattern are very easy to clean. Because it's also lightweight, I've moved it to provide comfort for stovetop cooking, and ever since risotto is not such a burden . I've had have the junior version in front of the sink for 3 months and it's excellent in function and placement , because we know that life (as well as the kitchen) gets messy and we can all use support and some relief, even if it comes in the form of an object as often overlooked as a mat.

Mark B.

"These are the best fatigue mats my wife and I have found. I like mine at work so much that I recently bought four more to replace the gel mats we had in our kitchen. My wife likes that the edges on the Sky mats are tapered and seem like the won't roll up over time, which happened to our old mats. The Sky mats are also thicker and seem to cushion our feet more when standing on them than the old gel mats."

Amazon Customer